PawsTime Veterinary Video Brochures are an exciting and easy way to connect with your clients and educate them with your recommendations for keeping their pets healthy.

We take informative and educational audio messages and blend them with music and engaging images and effects to provide the perfect, client friendly way to extend your advice and expertise beyond the exam room.

Available in DVD and Video File Format so you can play them on your flat-screen TVs or computer monitors, or as part of a turn-key, portable plug-&-play, Digital Viewing System with the flexibility to place them anywhere clients wait in your practice. No networks, no hardware and no special wiring to install.

We can even create individualized scripting and images for custom placement anywhere your clients wait: exam rooms, welcome lounge, retail space, and the check-in desk.

Engaging. Conversational. Educational. Friendly.

You Pick the Content: You Pick the Messages. Why fill your clients wait time with information that has nothing to do with you or their pets, like soap operas, news or weather channels?

Our Video Brochure productions are engaging, conversational and friendly - never too clinical. They are filled with details, facts and images about your practice and the variety of treatments and services you offer.

They are designed to motivate your clients to ask questions, and to communicate concerns more effectively. Better informed pet owners make better healthcare decisions for their pets.

Unlike Large-Screen Vet TV packages, with PawsTime Video Brochures there are no commercials, no high monthly fees, no long-term commitments, and no service agreements. You own the equipment, you own the productions.

State-of-the-Art Video Brochures improve the health of your patients and your practice. They are the perfect way to entertain, build loyalty, increase treatment recommendations and generate referrals.

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Veterinary Video Brochure

Veterinary Video Brochure
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